Results of the 11th International Russian Rotary Children’s Music Competition

Saturday March 30, 2013 started in the Central Music School of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory the semifinals of the 11th International RussianRotary Music Competition, to which 16 best participants of the competition were selected by the admission jury by evaluating the DVD with performances of all of the participants. Russia was represented in semifinals with 8 participants, Germany and Ukraine with 2 participants, Sweden, Serbia, North Korea and Singapore with 1 participant.
The 9 members jury selected to the Finals :
Maria Andreeva, Moscow, Russia – piano, 12 years
Mariamna Sherling, Moscow, Russia – piano, 11 years
Polina Tarasenko, Kherson, Ukraine – trombone, 11 years
Yi Ting Ong, Singapore, - flute , 9 years
Daniel Lozakovitj , Stockholm , Sweden – violin, 11 years
Robert Neumann, Stuttgart, Germany – piano , 11 years
For the first time in the history of the competition, Russian participants were in the minority in the Finals of the competition, which were plaid Sunday March 31 with orchestra.
After the concerts in the Finals the jury has announced the results of the competition as follow:
Jury awarded 2 first prizes to – Yi Ting Ong and Mariamna Sherling ( US$ 2.250 each)
2nd prize was not awarded.
3rd prize was awarded to Marie Andreeva ( 750 US$)
Jura awarded two 4th Prizes to Robert Neumann and Polina Tarasenko ( 300 US$ each)
5th prize was not awarded
6th prize was awarded to Daniel Lozakovitj ( 300 US$)
The semifinalists Eva Gasparian, Polina Shevliagina, Nikita Korniushin, Polina Makhina, Ma Sin A, Anastasia Karpenko, Alexander Doronin, Uliana Zhivitskaya, Nada Dornik, and Ilya Ovcharenko will receive US$ 200 each. ( From all prizes Russian income tax will be deducted)
The special prize ( graphic art and diploma) from the European Union of Music Competitions for Youth ( EMCY) was awarded to Polina Tarasenko for the most original performance and public support.
Following concerts will be organized for Russian laureates of the International Rotary Children's Music Competition in the following months: April 16 in Vienna ( organized by Paul Bruck), Mai 6 in Chemnitz, Germany ( organized by Marous Stiftung) and October 27 in Düsseldorf ( organized by Marous Stiftung).